One night, a little over eight years ago, my family and I were sitting in the room attached to the back of the Auditorium stage when we got the news: The majority vote to elect me as the next pastor of Peoples Church had overwhelmingly been “yes.” The board members brought us the news with brimming excitement, then left us to make our final decision.

It was a moment I’ll never forget.

Each one of us—my wife, my daughter, my two sons, and myself—had our own votes to cast. We were afraid to leave our lives in Washington in exchange for the unknown. But if this was where God was calling us, what choice did we have, really?

You may have had one of these pivotal moments before. I imagine it’s a small part of what Abraham felt when God commissioned him to leave his home country, or Moses when tasked with leading the Israelites out of Egypt or Joshua, finally entering into the Promised Land after years of waiting.

God is in the business of sending us into uncharted territories. And as my family, one by one, with tears in their eyes, voted “yes” to Peoples Church, we were officially setting sail, embarking into the unknown.

We now stand at one of these unique places in the history of Peoples Church. 

God is never done working. And because of that, our church legacy has never been marked by being comfortable. It’s never been to sit underneath the trees our ancestors planted years ago and relax in the shade—it has been to plant trees of our own.

In the next few pages, you’ll read how the history of Peoples Church is occupied by leaders who were willing to make decisions based NOT on what God had done in the past, but what God was going to do in the future.

You’ll also read that, as God invites us to engage in His work, in His movement, our answer is “yes.” No matter how comfortable we are now, no matter what people might think, no matter what we may be leaving behind—our answer will always be “yes!”

Will you join us?